Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creating Tension

This painting, measures 20x16, has one theme or idea--tension. The bow of three boats intersect, one source of tension, but the more obvious source are the two fisherman. I constructed these to pull in opposite angles. Of course, they are doing something--more interesting than standing stiff and upright, one of my pet peeves in figure painting. What do you see of interest?

Secondary interest points might be the background where light is suggested and very high key compared to the dark green boat. There are clashing colors as well with cools and warms. Also note the big shapes-I tried to place outstanding loose color in complimentaries. So contrast in shapes, color and figures help to make this painting interesting.

Something I have not used is edge variation--soft and lost edges that could be employed to make this even more successful. Also the pink hi key water is unusual from the more common blue or green water. When you use unusual color in an area you will create interest-the viewer will have to compute and think--either this is damn good or terrible but it least it makes them think--that is good so use unusual color schemes whenever possible.

That is about it. I am tired from a week workshop with Calvin Liang. Very good stuff and I recommend him highly. Next time I will discuss color theory with Munsons color wheel.

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